Comvergence|360 Pricing

Comvergence has designed our platform services to be affordable. For the cost of less than a dinner a month, your business immediately can benefit from technology to automate your company and dominate your market. 

How would you like to double your business and spend less time and effort doing it? How would you like to only have conversations with people that are interested in investing in your product or service without having to do all the pre-selling?  Comvergence|360, a new era in doing business!

Package pricing will be dependent on platform users.

Business Coach and Setup Services:  Our setup includes 4 hours of consultation and support including the platform and event setup. We will set up your live platform and marketing events to automate your marketing and sales process.. We will also analyze your current and future needs to make sure you're on the right track.. We will setup your web site and/or any embedding support required for platform usage.  We will help you prepare for lead capture, marketing, and sales generation utilizing the platform.  Our Business Coach will also provide you the training required so that you can immediately benefit from the platform services   Pre Sales support is always available - call you us.