Social Selling Marketing


Social Selling Marketing is all about managing every aspect of digital marketing, then piecing them together. Done right, it's a powerful and necessary requirement for any business.

Social Selling Puzzle

Comvergence Social Selling program will help your business win new customers, increase customer loyalty and learn more about the needs of your consumers. Data is the key, and with Comvergence Social Selling program you will be able to easily collect and use them for impactful one-to-one communication. Combine your printed mail pieces, websites, e-mails and mobile media for data driven campaigns digital signage and address customers in a more personal, more targeted way.
To optimally exploit all the benefits, Comvergence Social Selling program offers you an unmatched degree of integration and automation, resulting in fast and cost-effective creation of campaigns and applications. Whether it’s the simple design of personalized media, the convenient management of campaigns and processes, or comprehensive response tracking – everything is part of one solution that simply runs in your browser.
Social Selling marketing is a necessary strategy for you, the business owner, to market successfully by leveraging various types of electronic and printed media. Business owners typically may use one marketing media types individually but it’s the combination of several mediums to create a cohesive marketing successful campaign! Unfortunately, social selling and cross-media advertising is one often overlooked by the small business owners

Social Selling Marketing Integration includes Email, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, QR Codes,SMS Text, Video & more in one platform.  Comvergence makes it “easy” and possible to have a central hub for all cross media marketing campaigns that are coordinated through a single portal. PURL (personal URL), email, SMS-text, QR codes, landing page and unique phone number data are all integrated in one place to eliminate data silos from various marketing programs.