Educational Series

Running a small or medium business is challenging. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), the top issues facing small business owners today are getting and keeping customers, and overcoming poor sales. Connecting people to your company is critical specifically the with decision makers. How can you display confidence in yourself and your company? What tools can you leverage for prospects? How can you leverage technology to build credibility? How can your technology influence your knowledge so that your conversations with customers reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Very Interactive Sessions

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Our seminars provide beginning guidelines and strategies that can be put immediately to work in your business!

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Our educational seminars, boot camps and workshops will provide your organization the knowledge; direction, steps and timeline needed to effective market, sell, close, and deliver your business opportunities. Our sessions also offer guidelines and strategies to immediately put to work in your business. Topics to be covered include how to leverage technology so you can increase your prospect and customer based, increase sales revenues, and more importantly how to keep your paying customers.

Our workshop will help your organization:

1. Do more for less

2. Focus on your core competencies

3. Stay competitive on an even playing field

4. Generate more customers

5. Keep your existing customers happy

6. Develop quick ways to move prospects to paying clients

7. Leverage mobile devices and cloud architecture

8. Be different!

Besides our Seminars, 1-Day Business Boot Camps, and our 2-Day Business Workshops, Comvergence through our Educational series also includes: Whitepapers, a SMB Technology Playbook, Consulting, and a Coaching/Mentoring practice.