Investor Opportunities

Comvergence is currently a privately-held and self-funded organization. We are currently transitioning from R&D to the commercialization of our Educational Series and Platform Services, and are at a nexus where support in the form of angel or venture capital investment, board advisory, executive management and strategic partnerships will allow us to accelerate our growth plans, strategic evolution and the execution of our business plan.

This backing will also help us to initiate business development strategies, marketing and communications efforts, intellectual property protection and other fundamental practices needed to ensure the continued viability of the company. If you are an Accredited Investor* or have extensive executive management or technology experience and are interested in supporting Comvergence as we continue to develop innovative solutions for small business in a variety of industries, please contact us at

*Term used by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in Regulation D of private placements to define individuals or entities that are financially sophisticated and have no need for the protection provided by certain government filings. For a complete definition of the term, and to determine with certainty you qualify as an Accredited Investor, please visit: