Comvergence|360 - Platform Services

Comvergence|360 - one of the first "affordable" integrated platforms for small business.

Comvergence|360 is an operating platform that provides your business with sales, marketing, advertising, support, accounting, collaboration, and project management including all the information you require to be successful plus optimal control of every aspect of your business, all in one centralized system. This potent combination is dramatic!

With Comvergence|360 you now can connect your suspects,prospects, customers, and people to your organization, Comvergence|360 simplifies day-to-day activities, processes, roles, and communication within your company providing the technology and automation for sales, marketing,advertising, support, accounting, collaboration, and project management.

Marketing automation and advertising platforms are fantastic for helping you automate marketing and sales processes and centralize marketing collateral (i.e. emails, landing pages and hosted content). But, to become successful in competitive business client and manage your day to day operations, you must take that marketing automation experience to the next level, you must integrate your marketing platform to a complete technology management platform including a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The result? Less hassle, more control, and an inbound marketing strategy that actually works. Marketing automation is powerful, but it’s only one part of a marketing approach. With Comvergence|360’s interconnected platform, you can build a pipeline of new, engaged contacts, nurture them with quality content at exactly the right time and place, and empowering your sales team to act when it’s most relevant.

When it comes to running your company and selling and delivering product and services, having control over your business is crucial for your success. Most individuals running companies today agree that increased control, heightened productivity and rising revenues are all byproduct from having an integrated business technology platform. At last, having a true and total 360º view of your company's day-to-day operations, workflows and results is possible.