Refer Your Friends  & Get a Gift Card (demo):

Part of the Comvergence Platform is our "new" Referral module. It's a simple idea, really! Your customers love your product or service. Conventional wisdom says that they will recommend you to their friends. They will – if the time is right, like if a friend needs a product just like yours. But in reality, most people won't rave about you publicly. Sure, some of your most passionate fans will spread the word, but most of your customers need a little encouragement.

Wouldn't it be nice to change this behavior so all your customers recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues? What do we use to change people's behavior? No, not teasers. We use incentives. Offer your happy customers a reward for referring customers to you and they'll become your most zealous promoters. In a nutshell that's what we call a referral program.

Remember 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 40% trust advertising in search results, 36% trust online video ads, 36% trust sponsored ads on social networking sites and 33% trust online banner ads.