Our Services

Many small business owners pursue their entrepreneurial dreams to gain the freedom to do what they love; however, they often find themselves strapped struggling to manage everything themselves. Comvergence assists small business owners and new entrepreneurs by providing educational seminars and workshops, social selling marketing, and platform services.

Comvergence will help you overcome the common frustrations of small business. Through our educational seminars and  workshop and our platform services, we help you focus on:

Business Growth - Grow your business, increase revenues annually and serve more clients. It's about creating steady and sustainable revenue streams and serving a larger audience.

Getting Things Done - Be more efficient in running your business, both when working with clients and in the back-office administration, so you can reduce stress, and allow things to flow naturally.

Business Model Strategy - Have a crystal clear vision of your business technology model, for today and for the future.

Educational Series

Educational Series - Our educational seminars and workshops will provide your organization the knowledge, direction, steps and timeline needed to effectively market, sell, close, and deliver your business opportunities. The seminar and/or workshop also offers guidelines and strategies to immediately put to work in your business. Topics to be covered include how to leverage technology so you can increase your prospect and customer base, increase sales revenues, and more importantly how to keep your paying customers.                                

Social Selling Marketing

Social Selling Marketing Program -  Our program will help your business win new customers, increase customer loyalty and learn more about the needs of your consumers. Data is the key, and with Comvergence Social Selling program you will be able to easily collect and use them for impactful one-to-one communication. And, with content media marketing you can combine your printed mail pieces, websites, e-mails and mobile media for data driven campaigns digital signage and address customers in a more personal, more targeted way. 

Platform Services

Platform Services Comvergence|360 is an operating platform that provides your business with sales, marketing, advertising, support, accounting,collaboration, and project management including all the information you require to be successful plus optimal control of every aspect of your business, all in one centralized system. This potent combination is dramatic!